SteveSyz's News


2014-06-05 12:42:48 by SteveSyz

I have finally made what I have always wanted to make, epic trailer music :D  wooohooo

New Project I am Working On

2014-05-01 17:08:39 by SteveSyz

Hey guys so I have been given an amazing oppurtuiny to work on the music for a horror game for PC/apps.  Putting off my practice of epic music aside for a little while, expect to see a lot of 'horror' music!

New library, new music!

2014-03-17 21:51:00 by SteveSyz

Got a new library! So from now on, my music will hopefully be better and more epic!  No more of the old Logic samples that came with it :D I'm really excited to share my future music with anyone that wants a listen!

Learning the epics :D

2014-02-25 23:42:55 by SteveSyz

Started to get the hang of how epic music works, going to start a new piece after my next upload!